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people getting annoyed over ferguson posts are worthless

i don’t understand how anyone could be so fucking cold about all this to start being disrespectful and say shit like they’re getting annoyed with people trying to get the word out

this is fucking important and you’re not going to die if your dashboard is interrupted from your porn and shitty anime posts

get over yourself and grow a fucking heart

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so I was scrolling through some cecilos comics when I came upon this gem thinking it was apart of the bunch when it wasn’t. so to rectify this travesty I made my own night vale version. I hope the op doesn’t mind it’s just so cute and I really thought it was them until the end.

I need a bonus drawing with Cecil freaking out and being afraid of the mirror

y’know what? you’re absolutely right and it’s not like I haven’t gotten over a hundred messages about it over the past year so here- bonus:

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